New Decking and Impact Resistant Shingles – Yukon, OK

Tuesday, December 2023 by Shelby

Challenge:  There were several challenges with this home. To start the roof  and skylights were leaking. There were gaps in the decking and it needed a new roof.

Solution:  Michael worked with the homeowner and their insurance to get the roof tarped, new decking, skylights and shingles.   The homeowner decided to get GAF Timberline ArmorShield II shingles in Charcoal.  They are weather resistant and will save them on their insurance premium.

From the outside all looks well.

A close up of the shingles shows a different story.

And there was water getting through the roof. So tarping was needed.

There were large gaps in the decking.

Here is the new gapless deck.

And finally the new impact resistant shingles in charcoal.