Roof Replaced – Beehive Removed – Oklahoma City, OK

Monday, April 2024 by Audra

Challenge:  This roof was missing several shingles and had storm damage to the gutters and finials, but little did we know it had a beehive hiding under the decking.


Solution:   We worked with the homeowner and their insurance to get a new roof, gutters and finials.  When the roofers started we found the bees.  We found a beekeeper to remove them and replaced the roof.

This beautiful house was hiding a sticky secret.

If the roof hadn't been damaged how long would it have been before they found the bees?

The beekeeper checking out the problem.

This is the honeycomb they removed. Unbelievable!

We had new finials made for this lovely home

The new Certainteed Belmont Shingles in Black Granite look great.