Wood shingles replace with Impact Resistant Designer Shingles

Friday, September 2022 by wlda


This beautiful Norman home had wood shake shingles and they didn’t hold up to baseball size hail.  The windows and gutters didn’t stand up to the hail either.


Scott worked with the homeowner and their insurance to get the shake shingles replaced with impact resistant designed shingles that will save them money on their insurance for years to come.  We also replace the gutters and windows.

This is the home with the wood shake shingles.

Some of the windows were only broken through the outside pane of glass

Other windows needed to be boarded up.

The gutters were damaged.

The decking for wood shingles had to be removed.

It was replaced with solid OSB decking.

And now the designer CertainTeed Belmont shingles in Black Granite give the home a whole new look. Great job!