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Tuttle, OK – New Roof

Challenge:  The shingles have a lot of damage and the sola tube needs to be replaced.   Solution:  Jayden worked with the homeowner and his insurance to get the shingles and gutters replaced as well as the sola tube.

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New Roof – Norman, OK

Challenge:  This cute little ranch was in the process of being sold and needed a new roof.  Solution:  Jayden worked with the homeowner their insurance and the buyer to get the roof and gutters replaced.  When the shingles were removed they saw some of the decking needed replaced.  Again Jayden contacted the insurance to get

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Norman, OK – Storm Damage Repaired

Challenge:  A small tornado went through Norman, OK.  This homeowner had damage to the roof and gutters.   Solution:  Don went out the next day and had the roof tarped to prevent any more damage,  Then he worked with the homeowner and their insurance to get their home back to normal.

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Roof Replaced in Oklahoma City, OK

Challenge:  These shingles were almost worn slick from wind and weather.  The decking had lots of boards that needed replaced and the gutters were dented. Solution:  Don assisted the homeowner with their insurance to get the roof replace, the decking repaired and new gutters.    

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New Roof – Edmond, OK

Challenge:   This lovely home had dents in the gutters and chunks out of the shingles from recent storms.     Solution:  Don assisted the  homeowner with their insurance benefits, shingle selection and helped all through the process of replacing their roof and gutters.

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